Legal Copy Center Services

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  • Process Serving Services
  • Subpoena Preparation, Notice, and Service
  • Expedited Document Retrieval
  • Motion to Compel
  • Declaration of Due Diligence
  • Lien for Applicant work
  • Personal Injury Cases
  • Additional sets of records to Primary Treating Physician or Expert Witnesses.
  • X-Ray / M.R.I. / CT Film Duplication
  • Audio/Video Duplication/ VHS to DVD
  • Pagination of all types of documents
  • WCAB Indexing / Court Searches
  • Multimedia Processing
  • UEF cases accepted
  • 4 year copied records retention
  • Storage of Digitized Documents on Cd-Rom or DVD (Digitize any document readable in your specified format)
  • Crisp, Clean, High Resolution Documents (Digital imaging means clear copies of any document)
  • Available on CD or hard copy
  • Copy records anywhere
  • On or off-site record scanning
  • Large Litigation Reproduction and Support
Process Serving Services
  •Standard office photocopy machine don’t provide anywhere near this kind of service, much less have trained specialists on hand to ensure timely compliance of the whole process.
Subpoena Preparation, Notice, and Service
  •Research the data needed to fill out a Subpoena Duces Tecum form, including fining the case number through EDEX when not provided, locating and verifying all parties and attorney, calling the witness/location to verify their correct address for service of process, whom to contact, and business hours.
• Type out a Subpoena Duces Tecum form via a custom form program
•Make copies of the forms for each party and mail them out, including postage costs.
Expedited Document Retrieval
  •Due to our relationships that we have built, we are able to have a quick turnaround time on retrieving and delivering your records.
Additional Sets of Records
  •Upon your request, we will send additional sets of records to any location you ask for.
Audio/Video Duplication/ VHS to DVD
  •We use only the very best computer system, printing, office equipment
Pagination of all types of documents
  •We paginate all pages to make it easier for you to locate crucial information
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