High Quality Records

Committed to Serving the Customer
No other legal support staff can compare to Matrix Document Imaging customer service personnel. Thanks to our thorough training procedures, for such issues as procedures, legal flowcharts, and Discovery Law. Our people receive training on a regular basis, helping us maintain the high standards for perfection in the litigation support community.

How do we achieve high quality work?
Matrix Document Imaging aims to impress you with our quality oriented practices and our speedy processing. Copy services have gotten a bad reputation for delivering late and incomplete work. We manage our cases with strict date management, and we put in systems to do the job correctly, the first time.

Certificate of No Records are in the past
We complete over 98% of our orders, with a super low CNR to Orders ratio. We take pride in this achievement.

Excellent Track Record of Finding and Serving
We track down and investigate the locations listed on your order, making sure we find and serve them without bothering for extra information.We find them 98% of the time!

Records Request Analysis
Because we analyze the records requested, we are able to deliver everything you've asked for. In case we do not obtain a record, we will revisit the location until we obtain it.

Motion to Compel Package
In the instance that a facility is unable to provide records on time, our legal staff will prepare our package for Motion to Compel. This is the first step to allow you to file and obtain an Order to Produce needed to complete the records request.

On average, Matrix Document Imaging provides records with 10-14 days turnaround. This is the fastest turnaround in the industry. Thanks to our easy to use and fully automatic record retrieval system, we can maintain this record. Our copies are state-of-the-art.

Searchable CD-ROM: All Records are provided on CD rom and printed. In this compact format, the records are easily accessed from anywhere, allowing to print as-needed to serve on other parties.

Categorization: Using record categories such as Reports, X-rays, Doctor’s notes, Billing,
etc..., the medical records are categorized by record type. This allows you to bypass unnecessary sections and find your areas of interest. The Table of Contents in the records and hyperlinks on the CD to the various
sections of the record.

• An INDEX of all illnesses and injuries (records review) can be provided for only pennies
per page. Get an index with corresponding page numbers of every illness and injury to be
found in the records.

Page Numbering: This is also known as Bates Stamping and Pagination.

Double-Sided Printing: Your records can be printed double-sided and bound like a book! This saves weight and space.

High Resolution Scanning: the records are scanned at 300dpi. We do not use microfilm and our scans are 50% higher resolution than our competitors.

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Serving All of California, the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area, Inland Matrix, Orange County, and San Bernardino County